About us

Mikael Nilsson

Mikael Nilsson is responsible for the flow in the deal from source to final customer. By combining business skills with technical knowledge and solutionorientation, he offer a valuable competence when it comes to establish and develop presence in a new market. As a bonus he has also experience from working in 12 different countries and has more than 20 years experience from Thailand.

Mikael is Swedish, hold a Master Degree in Applied LogisticsĀ  from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. He is fluent in English, Swedish and Thai and has skills in German, Mandarin (Chinese) and Japanese.

Suvanna Nilsson

Suvanna Nilsson is responsible for putting the deals in place by doing research and sourcing of new products. With an attention to details, genuine experience from trade between Thailand and Northamerica and general business knowledge, she is skilled to find the most benificial deals and can easily solve any kind of logistics issue.

Suvanna is Thai, hold a BSc in International Business Management from the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok, Thailand and a Certificate in Advanced English from Spring International Auraria Higher Education Center, Denver, CO, USA. She is fluent in English and Thai and has skills in Swedish and Teochew (Chinese).